worlds first cloned wolf dies

Such a gloomy scenario could be resolved by incorporating epistemic games in the learning process. These games put students in roles like journalist, engineer, or city planner, and ask them to offer their solutions to real world problems. By including such games in the learning process, education facilities can prepare the youth for tomorrow in a detailed manner.

After gaining certificates, students can easily face any interview. Also, they can demonstrate their problem solving capabilities in their respective fields. As well as solving the problem of unemployment, science can help education facilities with in-depth and thorough learning that will remain in the memory of students forever.

There has been an ongoing debate – Why is science good for humanity? Most of the people involved in the debate question the misuse of technology by humans. These folks corner science citing the dangers of weapons and technology. However, you can’t attribute science for any misuse or wrong-doing. Science is a means to develop technology and techniques for the betterment of human beings.