Should You Shave Your Head or Use the Macujo Method

Shave Your Hair?

Since it is a hair drug test, you can easily pass the test when you are bold. Ensure you have an answer when they question why you don’t have hair. 

You can say it’s a fashion statement or a change in your lifestyle. There are reasons why people go bald. Whatever reason you give don’t complicate things by saying that you have cancer. This is a wrong move that will result in a lot of follow up later. 

Also, give yourself a full-body wax. You will be clean and hairless and pass the drug test. Nobody will think twice that you have a full-body wax since most people get those. It’s a matter of style, choice and lifestyle. Pretend that it’s your lifestyle for a day and get away with it. 

If shaving your hair seems like an extreme choice for you. You can opt to clean your hair and ensure that all traces of drugs and toxins are eliminated. 

This requires you to have a trip at the grocery store and get some supplies. This includes getting liquid detergent, white vinegar, shampoo with salicylic acid, nexus aloe rid shampoo, goggles, and shower caps.

Before cleaning your hair with these ingredients, you need to protect your eyes. Use goggles for this job since you can still see what you are doing while your eyes are protected. Wet your hair with some warm water. Get the white vinegar and massage it in your hair and scalp. Take your time as you want every inch of your hair to be soaked with vinegar. 

Take the salicylic acid shampoo and pour some in your hair. Massage carefully in your scalp and hair. This will cause a burning sensation, which is quite normal. Ensure that you have wiped any excess shampoo from your forehead and ears. Get the shower cap and put it on. Wait for around 30 to 45 minutes before rinsing your hair.  

Use warm water to rinse the hair clean. Wash your hair thoroughly by using nexus aloe rid shampoo. Ensure that your hair is rinsed and clean before adding the detergent. Massage your hair carefully while avoiding the detergent to get in your eyes. Clean and rinse it with clean, warm water. 

Repeat this process every single day for ten days. If you have no time, you can do this twice in a day for five days. Ensure that you don’t do this process for more than ten days as you can risk damaging your hair.