Penis stretching involves using devices and techniques to enhance the size of the penis. Big-famed methods include the use of vacuum pumps and traction devices. 

Penile Extenders

Penis extenders or penile traction devices stretch the penile cells and tissues in the penis to enhance it. Some studies point that these devices work. Still, the need dedication and persistence to generate measurable results. A latest review of existing penile extenders claim that they may cause effective lengthening of penile cells, and show results that can only be achieved by surgery. 

Quick Extender Pro

Penis extenders are a popular topic nowadays. Men with erectile dysfunction and penis length issues wonder can it be possible to enhance the width and length of their penis and fix its curvature. You may be astonished to see that this penis extender has been launched in the market for over 20 years. Quick Extender Pro is really accessible, unique and effective as compared to the other techniques and methodologies for penis enlargement on the market. 

What’s unique about Quick Extender Pro?

The primary features of Quick Extender Pro are; its innovative DSS (Double strap support) system which includes two loops to link the extender to the penis and the pads which are particularly designed to add comfort. The two support points provide enough comfort to the wearer and they help to handle the load evenly caused by putting on the device. Mostly penis extenders only have single loop or strap, which makes it convenient for the penis to slip away during wearing. 

Devices with single loop or strap cannot deliver the expected results. With the silicone tubes, the penis remains in a better position and the tension is maintained properly. These features make the Quick Extender Pro the best device to get maximum gains. The device holds three characteristics that make it stand out; the duration of use, setting accuracy and level of tension. The DSS system of Quick Extender Pro let’s the wearer wear the device for hours without any discomfort and the settings will be maintained more strictly, leading to faster and better results.

Phallosan Forte

In recent decades, penis enlargement has gained so much impulse and instead of the pills, supplements, creams and exercise, the one thing that has shown noticeable results are; penis devices. And Phallosan forte is one of them. Phallosan forte is a penis enlargement device that uses traction to enlarge the penis. This FDA approved product was invented and tested in Germany. The device works on a gradual pulling strategy that pushes the penile tissue to tear and them repair themselves. In the process of destruction and recreation, the cells break and reform resulting in enlargement of your penis. This method has been tested medically before it was launched in the penis enlargement industry.

How does it work?

With Phallosan Forte, you can increase the length safely and effectively. The device consists of a proactive cap which enwraps the penis within an airtight sleeve that works just like condom. A strap is then tied around the thighs or waist which implements gradual yet continuous force to the penis. Over time the shafts of the penis grow longer and bigger.

Stats show that men who wore this device for 7 hours a day for 6 months noticed 1 inch increase in their penis length. And the results are never-ending. The best part of using this device is that it has no side effects if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions properly. 

Size Genetics

One of the famous and efficient penis extenders. It is made of plastic and metal. The base has plastic thrust ring which is made to pass the penis through it. Special rods are connected directly to the ring. The adjusting nuts are connected with extension cords with spring mechanism. A loop or strap is positioned on the rods and it is used to fix the position of penis in the enlargement device. As an optional equipment, it may include ribbons or additional linings so that the wearer can easily wear it, also as an extra set of extension cords for more accurate length and width adjustment.

How is it better than others?

Unlike the other traction devices, the rod extenders in Size Genetics make a strong and stable traction. Despite following the simple principle of operation. This penis enlarger is very efficient, as the continuous traction is implemented on the tissues of penis, enabling the stimulation of cell division and helping the tissues to grow. Users of Size Genetics have confirmed the impressive therapeutic effects. They have also confirmed that it not only improves the length and girth but also amends the curvature of your penis. 

Men who think their penises are small are just overthinking. The average penis size is 3 to 5 inches or maximum 13 centimeters and the length is 13-18 centimeters when it is erected. If you think your penis size is lesser than this you can use these recommended penis extenders for best results. You must use them for at least 6 months and 7 hours a day to get maximum gains and better results in shorter time.

Another penis stretching exercise that you can do is the German stretch. This is done by stretching your penis head up and down using only your two index fingers. Make sure that you do this for about 10 seconds and then repeat for another ten seconds.

There are also penis stretching methods that focus on penile enlargement through the use of penis pumps. Penis enlargement pumps work by sending blood into the penis head when it is erect. The blood increase in the penis head will eventually cause it to grow bigger. While these penis pumps have been widely used for years, more experts are now recommending the use of natural enlargement methods like the ones mentioned above.

We see ads for penis enlargement everywhere, and most of us feel tempted by the unproven promises claiming to increase the penis size. A plethora of pills, pumps, exercises, weights and surgeries claim to enhance the width and length of your penis. Still, there’s little to no scientific support for these nonsurgical methods to enhance the penis. And penis surgery is never endorsed by any reputable medical organization for purely cosmetic reasons. Many pills and methods you see advertised are useless and sometimes they can even damage your penis.